Saturday, November 2, 2013

These are future ruins.

The lower populace dwelled in the sewers, knee deep in maggots. While the low-lives trudged over the corpses of their decaying brethren, the aristocrats lived in comfortable suites above, ignorant to the plight of this underworld.
As the world got more overpopulated, the demand for housing and basic human needs skyrocketed while the value of human life plummeted. The existing industries couldn’t keep up with the demand and soon, homeless crowds flooded the streets to the point where it was difficult to feel safe anywhere. The rich folk started paying premiums for these homeless to be evicted from the streets. The police who once protected the people were now shoving them into the gutters. It didn’t matter alive or dead, they used lethal force imprudently. To them, it was just another possible rapist or mugger they probably took care of.
Over the years, these dwellers of the underworld have grown sickly and thin. Each generation seemed to yield offspring with greater health problems and deformities. But this didn’t stop them from mating. The call of Mother Nature was as strong as it ever was in these people, and their incessant breeding only led to more problems.
The central aqueduct was the heart of this plagued underworld. It was home to a large bazaar which hosted a wide assortment of pilfered goods from the surface.  Many small gangs conducted frequent night raids on the surface. But they were severely underequipped to handle the arsenal of electric fences and other security devices that donned every store or home. Despite that, reports about muggings still managed to turn up in the papers from time to time. Fresh food and clean water was always in demand in the underworld and fetched outrageous prices. It wasn’t uncommon to see fathers selling their daughters into slavery and prostitution in exchange for a loaf of bread.

If the desire to mate was strong in these people, their stubborn attitude towards survival was equally stoic.

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