Saturday, September 14, 2013


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Was actually just testing out but got a little carried away.
Supposed to be a statue of Hades, but looks more like it's for Poseidon.

For a school assignment thing.
It's so embarrassingly bad I don't even want to post it here.

Kk to clarify, the reason for water is because the Greeks believed that the underworld, was a literal underground world. They believed that the souls of the dead passed through into the underworld by rivers.
Namely the 5 rivers:
Acheron - The river of woe
Lethe - Forgetfulness
Cocytus - Lamentation
Phlegethon - River of flames / fire
Styx - Hatred

Styx being the largest central river that separated the land of the living from the dead, and Charon has to ferry the souls over the river to get to the underworld yada-yada you know the story.

I tried to do that 5 rivers thing, and initially wanted a carving on the wall that illustrated Charon ferrying lost souls toward the statue of Hades.

But fuck it, I got lazy.

Also, Hades was never really portrayed as evil in any of the Greek myths. Naturally, pop culture has to associate everything that relates to death with evil, like the Grim Reaper, Hades, whatever. There was never really an evil "death god" until Christianity came along and said "K Lucifer, devil, ruler of hell. Eternal suffering and all that." And then everyone just assumed all rulers of the underworld are evil.

Christianity has that very black and white God is good, Lucifer is bad. But many of the gods that came before like the Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Norse gods were all different shades of grey, none were 'absolute good'. Even Zeus, and ESPECIALLY Zeus actually seems more evil than Hades in greek mythology. At least, by today's standards.

I tried to give Hades a more peaceful and respectful setting. While doing this I've actually seen a lot of other people's take on Hades and it's rather sad that some of them have him horribly twisted, on a throne, in a sea of fire.

Come on guys, not every ruler of the underworld has to look like Lucifer and not every underworld has to look like hell.

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