Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Meal Between Accomplices

A short story starring Tomas and Elsie.
Original characters by moi, hur hur, tophatmonoclesipteawithpinkyextended.

A Meal Between Accomplices
Tomas licked clean the fish bones and tossed the remains into the fire.
The camp-fire danced in the salty night breeze. Tomas stoked the flame with a long withered branch and sat down on the large leafy mats that he and Elsie prepared earlier. As he sat there watching the sparks of the camp-fire flutter about in the breeze, he realised just how weary he was. His joints ached and his limbs felt numb as the fatigue took its toll.
Tomas glanced past the camp-fire, surely his companion must be as exhausted as he was, if not more. But Elsie did not wear the face of tiredness, she looked more lost in thought as she stared at the base of the camp-fire.
Tomas cleared his throat, "Do you ever think of home?" he enquired as he warmed his palms near the bonfire, hoping to distract Elsie from their bleak predicament.
Elsie returned with a slightly startled look, then softened, permitting Tomas to feel emphatic towards her.
"Perhaps sometimes," she replied curtly. "I was orphaned before I could even remember. Many of my friends and loved ones have went their separate ways, and so have I. Even if I did return 'home'-" she said with a pause, "-there wouldn't be anyone waiting for me."
"Ah, but I'd probably return to the Silent Snails' Inn back in Capades after this ordeal is over," she added as she noticed Tomas fumbling for an adequate reply. "I could certainly picture myself sharing stories with ol' Buford over a mug of cool Brownsdell brand ale..." She paused, she knew that she could never return now that she had a bounty on her head. She sighed quietly at the thought. "What about you? Do you miss your home?"
"I miss having a warm bed to sleep in," Tomas quaintly replied. "Aside from that, I can't say that I really miss the monastery."
"Don't you have family or friends you'd like to see again?" Elsie asked as she leaned forward and hugged her knees.
"No, can't say that I do. My only family is my dad, who has long given up on me. The monks don't take too kindly to me either, and in all honesty, I jumped at the chance to get away from there."
Elsie was, in truth, rather curious about Tomas's past, but whatever curiosity she had, she hid behind an expression of indifference and let out an audible sigh. She would rather endure her irritation of curiosity than pick at a possibly touchy issue.
"We'd best get some sleep," Tomas said as he prepared to snuff out the camp-fire. "It's been a long day and tomorrow holds no promises of improvement."
Elsie picked herself up, the weight of her own limbs was made perfectly, and painfully, aware to her. She dragged herself to one of the makeshift tents made from thick branches and leaves as the bright orange hue vanished behind her with a loud and audible hiss.

"Indeed," was all she managed to say before she disappeared into the darkness of her tent.

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