Sunday, June 9, 2013


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*Tomas shopping for nonsense*
Tomas: "Look Elsie! A Giant Tiger-Snail hat!"
*Walks up to Elsie wearing a snail hat*
Elsie: "Very amusing. Look we can't- YOU can't keep spending money on frivolous things. After getting the tickets (to the outer rim) I'm seriously concerned if you have enough to repay me."
Tomas: "Oh don't worry yourself. Once we get there, you'll realise the reward was the journey itself all along and the friendships you've made along the way!"
Elsie *glare*
Tomas: "Sigh, you need to loosen up. Look, don't worry about the payment, the monks at the Monastries will reward you handsomely for helping one of their own. I guarantee it."
Elsie: "I hope for your sake you're right."
*dong* (Clock tower bells)
*Tomas and Elsie look up*
Elsie: "We'd best be going. The next ship to the outer rim is 2 weeks-"
*Tomas and Elsie turn to see a small black bird*
Elsie: "There's something strange about that bird..."
*Elsie notices an anklet around the bird's leg*
-Zoom in on Omen Insignia-
Elsie: "Oh... no..."
*A thrown knife narrowly misses Elsie, striking the ground*
Tomas: "Wha?"
Elsie: "RUN!"
*The duo sprint for the docks, Tomas drops his snail hat.*
*Weaving through the alleyways, the two desperately try to shake off their assailant whilst dodging the barrage of attacks*
*The assassin was fast, jumping off rooftops and beams, she always managed to intercept the duo*
*Elsie and Tomas had a few brief skirmishes with the assassin*
*Elsie and the assassin lock blades*
Tomas: "We can't outrun her, we have to split up, she cant chase us both! Meet at the docks!"
Elsie: "Wai-"
*Tomas runs off*
Elsie: "-t..."
*shink* *With a quick action, the assassin's blades unfold out into scythes*
*Trips Elsie on the leg during her moment of distraction*
*Brings the other scythe down on Elsie*
*She instictively turns to dodge it, and the blade cuts into her shoulder and the ground below her.*
*The assassin pulls the bloodied blade out of the ground and stands over Elsie*
Elsie: "unnnhh..."
*Elsie, sits up, clutching her bleeding shoulder*
*lock* *combines sword at the pommel*
Assassin / Claire glares down at Elsie.
*Brings both arms up to guard her face* (Not wearing her armguard)
*Brings down the blade to strike*
*Deflected by Tomas' staff* *another strike at Claire's ankle knocks her to the ground*
*Shocked, Elsie looks up*
Tomas: "Hurry! Let's go!"
*the duo get up and run*
*They run through a darkened alleyway, to be greeted with a sunrise at the docks.*
*The ship is slowly departing from the docks*
Tomas: "Come on! We can make it!"
*Claire sprints towards the two who are frantically shoving and pushing people aside. Claire weaves through the crowd effortlessly.*
*The two jump off the pier, catching the railing of the ship.*
*The chase ends with a loud THUK of a throwing knife narrowly missing Elsie and hitting the wall of the ship*
*After climbing onto the ship, the two fall to the ground exhausted, panting*
Tomas: "Who was that!?"
Elsie: "I... *huff* I don't know."
Tomas: "I thought she was after the gem, but, *pant*, CLEARLY, she was after YOU."
Elsie: "I know, I know, urrnh!"
*Elsie stands up, clutching her wound, a large crimson stain now covers her right shoulder.*
Tomas: "We'd worry about that later... First, we have to get that wound wrapped up."
*The two retreat into the cabins*
-Zoom in on the Omen insignia on the throwing knive on the ship's wall-
-Fade to Claire's Omen insignia on her back, staring out at the sunrise while the ship leaves with her target-

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