Saturday, April 20, 2013

Touhou Commission

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First attempt at drawing anime seriously.

Edit: fixed some stuff

Thursday, April 18, 2013



I'll be taking requests, each request should be sent to
You will receive a reply from me telling you your request has been accepted.

Please indicate the type of commission you desire, also it would help if you sent me a reference photo/picture of the person/character you want me to draw.
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Prices are not fixed, and will vary based on your request.
Full payment should be made upon my acceptance of your request.
I accept payment through cash, paypal, bank transfer, or cheque.
Details will be given through email.

I reserve the right to cancel any ongoing commissions due to any unforeseen circumstances, however, a FULL refund will be given.
Commissions will take anywhere between a day to a week due to my national service.
I will send an update should I exceed a week, informing you of the progress.

Please note that these commissions are only for personal use, image rights will belong to me unless otherwise stated in writing.
(Character design will still belong to the respective owners, only the image created belongs to me.)

Sunday, April 7, 2013


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Tomas' face, maybe

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Look's a lot like commander shepard, it's probably just the hair (or lack thereof) but I swear I never even
used him as a reference.

It might be a little too good looking for Tomas, but I realised it is kind of unfair that I pretty up the women
but feel like a guy that's too handsome is a little unrealistic.

Anyway, it's a test, and I'll continue to play with it.