Sunday, March 3, 2013


Image and video hosting by TinyPic Yeah! I've always wanted to play as a fat asian chick!
I've never seen such specific stereotyping since the original power rangers. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Tomas and Elsie, pass by Bradwood Retreat to stock up on supplies before carrying on to the capital.

The town is quiet, people peek out their windows, nervous and wary of the two strangers. The only place open is the inn and even then it's almost empty. The Innkeeper tells the story of the abductions that happen at night. Every new moon, during the darkest night, men have gone missing from the village.

Townsfolk are distrusting of strangers and even each other.

Innkeeper: "There's no sound. No one ever screamed for help or made any noise in the night. It's a real mystery. The abductions happen on the darkest of nights, people just go missing without a trace."

Elsie: "I dont understand, why dont you people stand guard?"

Innkeeper: "Before they fled, the guards patrolled the woods and marshes for the missing men but always came up empty."
"Soon, even the guardsmen started going missing. Nobody knows where the men are taken or who or what is behind it."

Tomas: "Why havent you fled the village?"

Innkeeper: "I'm too old. These forests are dense, thick. What makes it worse is the constant mist from the swamp. There's no way I'd survive a trek to the capital. Nope, I feel much safer here. That's what most of the folks here feel as well. Barracade their doors and sleep in fear, but people still get taken."

Tomas: "Well, that really isnt a solution then is it?"

Innkeeper: "I suppose not, but better a few go missing than a whole village dying in the woods. As for me, I'm old, I've seen enough, if it's my time to depart then I'll embrace it wholly."

-Tomas and Elsie shoot doubtful glances at each other-

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