Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Celestia's passing.

Done in Paint Tool SAI and PS
Really liking the outcome for Paint tool SAI.

Also, lazy clouds are lazy.

Comic by jackjacko-eponymous:
Sunrise of a New Age

It's a really well done comic, even if you aren't into ponies(unlikely), at least check it out for the art.


Eponymous said...

Nice work =) The wings are especially well done! Don't worry too much about the clouds, being lazy should be listed among the fundamental human rights ^^

Kein said...

I was following your blog for a while but didn't made any comment yet until now. This is quite awesome interpretation/vision. Lazy bg isn't that important here since all the idea concentrated on the characters and what they express. Also, I must say I really love the way you draw ponies, especially wings <3