Thursday, June 30, 2011

Squall is a brony


Squall is totally a brony, well, if MLP existed in the final fantasy universe.
I mean, in the first two episodes where Twilight Sparkle was a loner and
had to understand the magic of friendship, don't you just IMMEDIATELY think of Squall?
Maybe I've been playing too much Dissidia.

Anywho, pls excuse the roughness/sketchyness of this picture, got it done real quick because I wanted to go back to watching more MLP OHOHOHOHOHOHO! BROHOOF!

P.S please do not think any less of me... (ya like anyone actually visits this blog)

Edit: After watching 7 episodes into 4am in the morning, I must say the show has a very artistic style going for it.
The ponies are just the same template only given different hair/tail/eyes (much like anime) but the backgrounds and animations are very fluent and very nice.

If I could draw backgrounds as nice as that, I'd be a happy man.

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