Saturday, October 23, 2010

Page 1 delayed! (forever?)

Started this comic with Jit again because previously, doing the PNT comic I learnt a ton of stuff, constantly looking at references this and that.

Well I haven't even finished page 1 and I've already learnt something!
Colouring was slapped on last minute to see how it would look.
And if possible I would like to use this style to go forth with the comic...

I did work on page 1 though:

It will be scrapped and redone, everything!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Final Reference sheet


Fixed most of the stuff and made some guidelines for myself so I would be easier for me to recreate faces. (Mostly with Elsie's)

Next up: Cover page for chapter 1!

Things are getting serious!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Elsie Reference sheet


Elsie's Reference sheet

4:23 am
After multiple attempts to re-create Elsie's face failed, I'm coming to the conclusion that I'll have to change her face altogether.

Didn't have that problem with Tomas (see below).

3:58 am (2 days later)
Well I tried my very best to keep the face consistent.
There aren't as many variables I can play around with, for instance Tomas's bushy eyebrows and cleft chin.
Women... the defining variables are a lot more subtle, and I really have no patience for that sort of crap...

Brother Tomas Reference sheet


Tomas the priest
Edited: Went with the bald look.

the room


my room, the bg i used for the comic.

lol emo fag


Unfinished, couldn't sleep one night and had a lot of things to get off my mind...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Days comic


I sorta forgot why I thought this was a good comic idea in the 1st place... ...
Well, I certainly proved a point... (started this at 2-3pm, finished this at 2am, posted up 3am on the dot).

11-12 hours

colour doodle

nothing much, just practicing colours... towards the end my hand got tired from all that blending