Monday, August 30, 2010


After getting requests upon requests to draw this and to draw that, I've decided to open up some sort of commissions service. I mean people come to me, willing to pay me even before I say anything.

That was before I saw how much other artists were charging and how much better they were than myself.

I am not worthy to charge money for commissions.

But people STILL come to me for requests (not that I mind, honestly I'm quite happy to do it for them).

Bottom line, I'll accept requests, $10 - $25 depending on what you want me to do.
I'll do anything from Caricatures to Full length comics, you can throw me a really obscure and unusual task too if you think I'm up to it, like scuptures and maybe mosiac, I dont know...
Basically, I'll charge you based on how long the request takes me to complete.

If you decide to opt for the commission, it won't be posted on the blog, rights to the picture will be exclusively yours. Unless permission is granted by you for me to post it, you'll be the only one with a copy.

Email me at , and we'll work out the pricing and your request.

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