Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lessons (COMICS)

Every new piece I do, I seem to learn something new. (I still have a long way to go)
I learn about my habits,
and I learn many different methods and expectations,
I also learn that I really suck at drawing comics....

Before I forget, I want to put this on the blog to remind myself.
A small comic, WIP

In my last comic, the Church one, Jit commented that my lines were messy and all over the place. To which I agreed...

He also said that the images looked "flat", to which I told him to go stick his head in a fat man's sweaty ass-crack.
Well no, my exact words were "mmm yeah... maybe..." but he got my implied meaning...

I am also taking my time with this one, it has been 3 weeks and I havent even finished the 2nd panel. Making sure the lines are a little neater and thinner, as well as improving on the colouring.

I hate colouring...


I realised, in my last comic, my focus and emphasis was all off. I rushed through the lines(8hrs is considered rushing in CM time) and focused too much on the colouring.

What I should strive to replicate, would be something close to this:

Yeah... the face palm picture is the picture I strive to recreate...

Lesson 1: Don't give yourself too much time to do something, you'll over texture a lot of unnesscary stuff, also, you'll get less motivated to complete something.

Lesson 2: Effective lighting can still be achieved with 1-2 different level colours. Keep the colours simple, direct, and to the point.

Lesson 3: Get a pen for fucks sake! If you suck at using the tablet to do the outlines, do it with a pen! If you mess up, circle it with a pencil so you dont forget to edit it when u transfer it to PS.

Lesson 4: When listening to Lesson 3, remember to keep the paper in some folder or something. If you leave them on your desk like the lazy slob you are, the moisture from the Airconditioning will make it moist and most likely smudge your ink.

Lesson 5: With regards to Lesson 4, buy a folder like thing.

Lesson 6: This is turning into a "to-do list".

NOTE* These lessons are only to be applied when doing comics, you numb nut!

I'm talking to myself, not anyone else...

This internship is driving me insane....
More unfinished stuff:

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