Wednesday, February 18, 2009

respecced frost


Another WoW fanart
I can't help it... its constantly on my mind...

-Useless ranting nobody usually gives a shit about-
I planned to try and make it that unfinished one i did previously (it's in the archives if anyone is wondering) but then i realised that blood elves are really hard to make look realistic. what with their green eyes and oddly coloured it turned out as a cartoonish version.
I'm kinda glad i didnt attempt to make it look realisticish since the water elemental is gunna be a real pain to do right. You know how it is with water :/
Btw i recently respecced frost...yeah i need to draw a picture everytime my mage does something. like the previous one was drawn cause i just got my epic goggles...and it was maintainence day lol.
That said, yay WoW.

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