Monday, November 24, 2008

Leave me be

Title : Leave me be

Why is it so effin' small? so u see less mistakes...

yeah...titles...they are acctually very powerful if used correctly (unlike how i'm using em') imagine if i used a title like " Title : Some dude's hand " :/

very sketchy, imo, not very well done, more for experiments... the redness makes it seem very 300-ish...

oh well...

I'm kidding I'll show u the big one anyway....

man practice


A practice at drawing mens' faces. I've been doing too many female ones, and I can't be sexist here can I?

Yea....added scruff to boost his manliness.

(also a practice for light and shade, hence the black and whiteness)

Thursday, November 13, 2008


WIP, desktop screenie for deviant art, link
Smellybone(Jit's pallydin) Slimybone(my mage)

granted Jit was only level 40, but who wants to see a charcter in ugly lvl 40 armour...

Heh, i might do one for Nich in the future, mayb 2 of us in a lesbo pose (note: both our chars were BE females)

Yay WoW!!!

EDIT: WotLK came out ytd, gah...this picture is outdated D: stupid blizzard.
play as a deathknight....or a mage..... flashy aoe spells....or flashy frostfire bolts....
done for school project again, CATS creative applied thinking skills.

It's a pity Banking doesn't allow me to draw...

Oh, and yeah, everyone hates buttheads >:/

deviant art ID

I needed an ID for deviant art, link

Monday, November 10, 2008

shadow grave


TITLE: Shadow Grave

yay WoW,
Here i tried a different colouring style/line art here, Jit said it was
comicy-looking and i agree... prolly what i'll use for future comic pages.

yeah i know, long time since i posted a coloured page... :)

zac sparta


JAJAJAJAJAJA from the 1st scene u see in HSM3. (yeah i got bored)
Hey, it may not be much, but i still put the "this is sparta" words on there with
MS paint...i'm really toeing the line on what i consider "artworks" :/

O o


Image Hosted by

SCRAPS ASONDFASOIFNDONFO ANGREH FACE!!! i just couldnt bring myself to complete it.

stopped after i finished the eyes :/
i hate myself D:

Sunday, November 9, 2008



Done for a school project. nothing much, just doodles...

Thursday, November 6, 2008




drawn for CY like when i was in sec 3 (sec 3 was a good year)

Filler! (everything here is really filler)