Monday, September 15, 2008

SWB X Serwee

Basically i was working on this ever since i saw Nico Di Mattia's work, although this can never compare to his work. But his work just MOVES you to want to make something of your pathetic art skills and do something orgasmic. THEN Wei Yang asked me to do a superhero drawing for her project, (she promised me a meal in return) so i was thinking, serwee is kinda created by me :D so tadah! 2 stones for 1 bird. THEN i remembered PNTcomics hit 7000 views so :D bonus page!!! wowowowowo 3stones for 1 bird.
Should i be proud of it? It took me a whooping 19hours in total (not counting sleep time) to finish the whole thing. (yes i am noob) Hmmmmmmm, ah let me be as proud as i can be before assholey critiques come in and spoil my mood. :D


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