Monday, August 25, 2008

Out of Time

Out of Time- speed painting in photoshop

Lol excuse my lousy titles... :/ what else should i put on the title part?
More photoshop shenanigans! Tried my hand at speed painting, which is painting straight on PS without any pencils guidelines or whatever...okay, so i cheated and used some guidelines, but i never used any pencils... took about...15mins to do.. i got the idea from when i was sleeping, how creepy huh?

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Thursday, August 21, 2008


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This is the resized ad if the previous picture cant fit into your blog
link: [ask jit/ruifen/me tru MSN for the link as i cant seem to un-html-lize it here]


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2nd time doing photoshop! tadah! its nicholas! some of you might be familiar with the sword, if not ur prolly a ffx noob! it was initially a de-stress-scrap work, that might explain the ugly fingers and other stuff.... but i thought it be an interesting ad.

FYI if u want to put this ad on YOUR blog (it will look friggin cool) copy paste this link [ask jit/ruifen/me tru MSN for the link as i cant seem to un-html-lize it here]

I Miss You

I Miss You-By CM
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And it only took 8hours!

yay, now i can proudly assign a title to my work without seeming mediocre! this is my 1st attempt at photoshop, and i have much to learn. my choice of colours were very poor, and the highlights for the hair were very bad too, HAH I POINTED OUT MY MISTAKES BEFORE YOU DID!! And no the girl in the picture (supposed to be jessica) isnt retarded, just daydreaming, hence the cute title :3

And yes, being the lazy bum i am, i didnt bother colouring the blanket or even shading it.

Also, she's nude!! grow up....

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chapter 3 coverpage

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i thought this piece was exceptionally well done and deserved a place here :D
Edit: im having 2nd thoughts on the "exceptionally well done" part... :/