Wednesday, July 9, 2008


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Wow, i totally forgot about this one..i did it awhile back and meant to put in on this blog, but time went by and i just forgot about it... :D its jessica! :D i had to resize, cos if not it wud be too big and it wud screw up the blog. thats sad...
heres the original piece
so shes a little skinny, humph, u so smart u draw!
i was lazy to edit it...

I see the head! It's a boy!

about time i got this blog "out of construction" i'll be posting some of my old drawings (dont immediatly assume that its bad just cos its older!) i pwn even at a young age! and for those who have never seen my comic blog (unlikely) heres the link


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i duno why but i named it nichstar, it kinda just appealed to me...anyway this was the bonus page from PNT id thought i'll put it here incase it gets lost in the archive. since it wont be put as an offical comics page.