Monday, November 24, 2008

Leave me be

Title : Leave me be

Why is it so effin' small? so u see less mistakes...

yeah...titles...they are acctually very powerful if used correctly (unlike how i'm using em') imagine if i used a title like " Title : Some dude's hand " :/

very sketchy, imo, not very well done, more for experiments... the redness makes it seem very 300-ish...

oh well...

I'm kidding I'll show u the big one anyway....

man practice


A practice at drawing mens' faces. I've been doing too many female ones, and I can't be sexist here can I?

Yea....added scruff to boost his manliness.

(also a practice for light and shade, hence the black and whiteness)

Thursday, November 13, 2008


WIP, desktop screenie for deviant art, link
Smellybone(Jit's pallydin) Slimybone(my mage)

granted Jit was only level 40, but who wants to see a charcter in ugly lvl 40 armour...

Heh, i might do one for Nich in the future, mayb 2 of us in a lesbo pose (note: both our chars were BE females)

Yay WoW!!!

EDIT: WotLK came out ytd, gah...this picture is outdated D: stupid blizzard.
play as a deathknight....or a mage..... flashy aoe spells....or flashy frostfire bolts....
done for school project again, CATS creative applied thinking skills.

It's a pity Banking doesn't allow me to draw...

Oh, and yeah, everyone hates buttheads >:/

deviant art ID

I needed an ID for deviant art, link

Monday, November 10, 2008

shadow grave


TITLE: Shadow Grave

yay WoW,
Here i tried a different colouring style/line art here, Jit said it was
comicy-looking and i agree... prolly what i'll use for future comic pages.

yeah i know, long time since i posted a coloured page... :)

zac sparta


JAJAJAJAJAJA from the 1st scene u see in HSM3. (yeah i got bored)
Hey, it may not be much, but i still put the "this is sparta" words on there with
MS paint...i'm really toeing the line on what i consider "artworks" :/

O o


Image Hosted by

SCRAPS ASONDFASOIFNDONFO ANGREH FACE!!! i just couldnt bring myself to complete it.

stopped after i finished the eyes :/
i hate myself D:

Sunday, November 9, 2008



Done for a school project. nothing much, just doodles...

Thursday, November 6, 2008




drawn for CY like when i was in sec 3 (sec 3 was a good year)

Filler! (everything here is really filler)

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Image Hosted by

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! (15min doodle, no photoshop. heh i have to work on my lineart skills)
i know im not that skinny, a guy can dream can't he? :>

Saturday, October 18, 2008

painted skin sucks

Image Hosted by

Apologies for really sucky drawing here...i got lazy... D: But a point has to be made, sucky drawing or no sucky drawing!!! When i saw some1 say "PAINTED SKIN IS AWESUM!!! MUST WATCH!!! WORTH YOUR MONEY!!!" i flipped...and gave birth to this abomination of a comic


Image Hosted by

I take notes too....

ss comparison

Image Hosted by

For those of you who don't know, this was DRAWN when i was in sec 3 (14-15) but coloured when I'm in poly (17-18)
Oh how i wish i could draw like that...(if i didnt know i drew this..i prolly wudnt think i drew this...)


Image Hosted by

A fun comic done really quickly...ahhh i feel so loserish right now.... (FYI THIS CONVERSATION DID NOT TAKE PLACE IN REAL LIFE)

Monday, October 6, 2008


Really served more of a stress reliever more than anything...and what better character than carnage...a big mess of red and black...wheee (i'll be posting more interesting short comics next, hopefully) lol i just noticed i didn't sign it. :P IT'S NOT WORTH SIGNING!!!! IT'S LIKE PUTTING YOUR NAME ON YOUR TURD (a small puny turd, cos personally i'd be proud of a big turd)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


ハルヒGod knows フルバージョン編集!!! (ok no idea what that means, just copied it off a youtube vid title :P)
Image Hosted by

More haruhi fan art. Dont get me wrong, we all love haruhi, but nagato is my fav :)
Speed painting, done in PS about 1hr total. Just goofing off, and doing it for the fun of it :) oh and i know the guitar wasnt the same, but meh...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday, September 27, 2008

what went wrong

Image Hosted by

anngreh facec >:(
(well at least i did one thing right...right?)
oh and i didn't do the hair properly cos the face was just wrong, so no point continuing

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Monique, Meghan and Maggie

TITLE: Monique, Meghan and Maggie
Believe it or not, this is a speed painting (no pencils, took about...5-6hours?)
Sorry for large size D: duno how to resize...
Oh and notice the girl on the bottom right...i think she looks a lil like ruifen, your thoughts?
Aren't they adorable...Ok enjoy your sleepless night, i know i did :D

Monday, September 22, 2008


Image Hosted by

A quick 15min doodle, i thought it was worth putting up here.
TOP: attempt at drawing orginal haruhi (it's alot harder than you think)
BOTTOM: attemp at drawing haruhi in my style D: yea i know it cant compare to the orginal

Monday, September 15, 2008

SWB X Serwee

Basically i was working on this ever since i saw Nico Di Mattia's work, although this can never compare to his work. But his work just MOVES you to want to make something of your pathetic art skills and do something orgasmic. THEN Wei Yang asked me to do a superhero drawing for her project, (she promised me a meal in return) so i was thinking, serwee is kinda created by me :D so tadah! 2 stones for 1 bird. THEN i remembered PNTcomics hit 7000 views so :D bonus page!!! wowowowowo 3stones for 1 bird.
Should i be proud of it? It took me a whooping 19hours in total (not counting sleep time) to finish the whole thing. (yes i am noob) Hmmmmmmm, ah let me be as proud as i can be before assholey critiques come in and spoil my mood. :D


inside swb

I wanted to show my process of making the picture, but DAMN the stupid file is too big to put on the web, neither photobucket/ imageshack can upload it for me. Personally i have always enjoyed reading these step by step stuff or speed paintings, even if it isnt a tutorial. If u want it can always get it tru my msn :D i'd be flattered if anyone asks me to send it to them, but be warned, it's 15mb big.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy birthday Bao Ying

Image Hosted by

Birthday "present" for Bao Ying, and old friend i met in gunbound a long time ago. Haha sorry if drawing isnt to ur expectations (esp the 1st panel), but meh, :/ gave it my best (i didnt like buns). On another note, YAY i'm in colour :D

Monday, August 25, 2008

Out of Time

Out of Time- speed painting in photoshop

Lol excuse my lousy titles... :/ what else should i put on the title part?
More photoshop shenanigans! Tried my hand at speed painting, which is painting straight on PS without any pencils guidelines or whatever...okay, so i cheated and used some guidelines, but i never used any pencils... took about...15mins to do.. i got the idea from when i was sleeping, how creepy huh?

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Thursday, August 21, 2008


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This is the resized ad if the previous picture cant fit into your blog
link: [ask jit/ruifen/me tru MSN for the link as i cant seem to un-html-lize it here]


Image Hosted by

2nd time doing photoshop! tadah! its nicholas! some of you might be familiar with the sword, if not ur prolly a ffx noob! it was initially a de-stress-scrap work, that might explain the ugly fingers and other stuff.... but i thought it be an interesting ad.

FYI if u want to put this ad on YOUR blog (it will look friggin cool) copy paste this link [ask jit/ruifen/me tru MSN for the link as i cant seem to un-html-lize it here]

I Miss You

I Miss You-By CM
Image Hosted by

And it only took 8hours!

yay, now i can proudly assign a title to my work without seeming mediocre! this is my 1st attempt at photoshop, and i have much to learn. my choice of colours were very poor, and the highlights for the hair were very bad too, HAH I POINTED OUT MY MISTAKES BEFORE YOU DID!! And no the girl in the picture (supposed to be jessica) isnt retarded, just daydreaming, hence the cute title :3

And yes, being the lazy bum i am, i didnt bother colouring the blanket or even shading it.

Also, she's nude!! grow up....

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chapter 3 coverpage

Image Hosted by

i thought this piece was exceptionally well done and deserved a place here :D
Edit: im having 2nd thoughts on the "exceptionally well done" part... :/

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Image Hosted by

Wow, i totally forgot about this one..i did it awhile back and meant to put in on this blog, but time went by and i just forgot about it... :D its jessica! :D i had to resize, cos if not it wud be too big and it wud screw up the blog. thats sad...
heres the original piece
so shes a little skinny, humph, u so smart u draw!
i was lazy to edit it...